business social network to ease collaboration, facilitate

transparency and increase organization on projects and

tasks. deepen company culture, strengthen teamwork,

execute faster with your vendors, customers

and partner companies. smarter, not harder.

Wall. Stay Updated.

this is where you can post up msgs to your whole company, where you'll get all your company news, updates, events, etc..

Teams. Be Collaborative.

create or join private and/or public teams. teams can be different depts in your company that you're part of or join a group that shares similar interests as you. find out all the new developments, news, updates and information for all your teams.

Tasks. Get Focused.

everyone has a "to do" list. how many times have you assigned tasks to someone and forgotten about it or have too many tasks to keep track of? now on incville, track and store history of all your tasks - all your to do's and all the tasks you've assigned

Projects. Keep Accelerating.

the best way to accelerate projects. everyone's on the same page, 100% transparency. everyone knows each other's tasks, due dates and role. share documents, resources (important phone #'s, emails, etc..) and update each other on progress.

Company. Get Cultured.

public page for everyone to take a peek in your company. fans, vendors, partners, etc.. will be able to view your companies latest social media feeds, news, org chart, and participate in your polls. a way for your fans to get more acquainted with your organization.

Documents. Be Attached.

everyone gets 1 gb for free to upload and share files or of if you need more space, you can upgrade to 50 gb per person or 1000 gb of space for your company. store everything on our cloud for easy, anytime access.

Mobile. Get Going.

mobile app allows each access to keep you connected through your smart phone, wherever you are.